Dispute Resolution Services

ShaleAdvice began from our experience in the shale play due to the alarming amount of people who required our dispute resolution services.  We formed ShaleAdvice, LLC to help those who have already signed a lease and had disputes concerning their lease, water, land and/or any other mineral lease issue.  We also saw the need to assist those who had not yet signed a lease or other land use agreement.  We wanted to make sure that the industry stopped taking advantage of the landowner and provide an exclusive service to the people.

At ShaleAdvice we focus in providing consulting and strategic dispute resolution services, including litigation, arbitration and injunctive relief to our clients.   As part of our mission, we want to be there for the landowner after the drillers have come and gone.  Therefore we provide services during and after the development stages, including but not limited to land/water use agreements and royalty auditing.

Throughout our representation of landowners in the Marcellus Shale industry, we have remained aligned to our client’s core goals and have remained focused on those goals, earning a reputation as a leader in landowner advocacy and dispute resolution services.  Our unique approach to oil and gas industry is strengthened by our attorneys, engineers and technical support staff substantive knowledge in the industry and experience in major Marcellus oil and gas transactions.

Common Issues in the Oil and Gas Industry

Disputes in the oil and gas sector can span a wide range of subject matter,
involving diverse parties. Some of these areas of disputes are outlined as