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Our Mission:

The mission of ShaleAdvice is to provide exclusive representation to the landowner and mineral owner from beginning to end including lease negotiation, land/water use and protection, royalty auditing and litigation.

Who are we?

ShaleAdvice is owned and operated by Steven Townsend and James Brink, licensed attorneys with its principle office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.    ShaleAdvice is a full service landowner advocate company, which provides services to clients in all phases of the oil and gas development.   We have a team of professionals to handle all situations from lease negotiation through the development and collection of royalty payments. Steve and Jim have substantial experience in handling oil and gas matters exclusively on behalf of landowners, including lease negotiation, land/water usage agreements, royalty auditing and litigation.


What will we do for you?

ShaleAdvice will act as your exclusive agents and attorneys to negotiate a favorable oil and gas lease and addendum exclusively for you.  Your lease and addendum should be written specific to your land and not simply created to cater to a landowner group in general.

ShaleAdvice will be there for you after the drillers have come and gone. This legal commitment to you is in writing and assures you that if and when issues arise, you have someone on your side.   This is very important as industry research suggests that the majority of conflicts (water contamination and/or use, access road and well location, surface damage, and compensation disputes) arise within a few years after signing an agreement.

Our exclusive commitment to you is what makes us different from others who say they have your best interests in mind.  We work for you as your attorneys and are there to make sure your interests are protected.  We do not work for the oil and gas industry and we have no ties to the industry so you can be assured that we are committed to you.  We encourage you to share and compare our written commitment to you with any other “landowner representative” claiming to be protecting your interests.

Helping you make the right decision–

A lease can last well over 100 years. Many of which have been written over 100 years ago.  You need experienced specialized and dedicated oil and gas professionals and attorneys working in concert with you to maximize your benefits, and prevent harm to your land as a result of a prior executed mineral agreement.  At ShaleAdvice, we strongly ask you to consider contacting us and allow us the opportunity to provide a No-Fee consultation

Working with ShaleAdvice, any landowner will benefit from our knowledge and expertise.  You can play on an even playing field rather than being overwhelmed by the big oil and gas companies.  The land service and oil companies write agreements in their favor so they can maximize their profits at a substantial cost to you.  If you do not seek qualified advice you will not likely foresee the potential conflicts and damage that can be cause by simply agreeing to enter into their self serving lease agreement.  Do not become a landowner who has a horror story to tell about their experience in the Marcellus Shale industry.

At ShaleAdvice, we have assembled an experienced team of professionals to assist you in negotiations ranging from mineral rights leases, land contracts, easements, water and air pollution and other issues arising from Marcellus Shale.  We provide you with the technical and market information needed to understand what the energy company believes is under your land and what it is truly worth.  Also, we provide you with the experience to prevent your land from being damaged and/or polluted, during and after development.  If your water supply is polluted, there may be nothing you can do if you have not sought the service of ShaleAdvice.

Once the drillers have come and gone the next phase is the payment of royalties.  ShaleAdvice is committed to making sure that you are being compensated accurately for all minerals that are extracted produced and sold.  Most royalty owners receive payments each month and have no idea how the amount is calculated or if it is correct.  Most royalty owners can not calculate what deductions were applied and if those deductions legitimately applied under the terms of the lease.  ShaleAdvice conducts Royalty Audits to ensure your royalty payments are correct.  ShaleAdvice understands the importance of accurate reporting as a few cents deducted from your check could amount to several thousand dollars each year.