Contract & Lease Negotiation

ShaleAdvice, LLC, was created by seasoned and experienced gas and oil attorneys  licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the Federal Court System.  We will negotiate and draft your lease and addendum based on your needs, our professional experience and in your best interest.  Although you make the final decision on whether or not to lease, should you decide to move forward, our experienced team will make sure you are fully informed of all aspects of the  Shale industry.  If you do not own the minerals or are merely a concerned landowner, we are here to assist your particular needs.

Lease / Contract

A lease is an agreement and  legal contract between the mineral right owner and an oil and gas company.  The contract provides rights to the company to extract certain minerals from the land in exchange for compensation.  However, there are more terms and conditions that should and must be contained in the contract.  As with any contract or important financial decision, you should consult an attorney who has experience with these types of issues and  contracts.

Lease Terms

The Lease terms are specific for each parcel of property and landowner.  The terms should specify how long a lease remains in effect or what activity must occur to keep the lease in effect, as well as what happens when the lease ends.  There are also general terms and conditions that one must consider before entering into lease negotiations such as:

Types of minerals that may be extracted and the depth in which the well may extract those minerals.  Descriptions for  specific formations, such as shallow oil/gas versus deeper formations like the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale;

Transferability of the lease and your right to sell the lease;

Bonus Payments;

Royalty Payments; and

Damage Clauses.

In order to maximize your position at the negotiating table and maximize your profit, you need to be well informed and advised of your particular needs.  You need someone who will take a look at your particular situation including, the volume of minerals beneath your land, accessibility to and from the well site, and the level of intrusion it may cause you and your family.  Call us at 1-855-534-8877 for a free consultation, before the gas company convinces you that they have your best interest in mind.